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Techniques, tactics exercises and tips

  • 100s of cricket skill videos and articles.
  • Techniques, tactics, exercises and mental tips.
  • Excellent production quality with regular updates.
  • Created by professional cricket players and coaches.
  • View our video cricket skills, tips & exercises.

Video feedback tool

  • Within the CricketNSW mobile app, coaches can take video footage of their players; make comments and associate relevant Cricket NSW Coaching Platform content.
  • The player receives an email notification and link to the feedback within CricketNSW.
  • Process takes 1-2 min and is popular with players and parents.

Mobile access via CricketNSW app

  • Players can access all the Cricket NSW Coaching Platform content via the CricketNSW app.
  • Players can view their training schedule on their app.

Player dashboard

  • Access new or featured content.
  • View game statistics.
  • Latest training schedule items are listed.

Development area

  • Players can add items to their game development area.
  • Development items can be removed when complete.
  • Players can receive game development items from their coach.

Game results and trends

  • Record and store personal game results.
  • Players can view trends in their game.
  • Coaches can view their players' statistics and results.

Training Calendar

  • Players can view their training schedule and skill items as inserted by their coach.
  • Players can add their own items into the training schedule or choose from any one of the hundreds of Cricket NSW Coaching Platform content items to include in the calendar.


  • Players can view their statistics in graph form.
  • Compare performances over time.

Interact with your coach

  • Players and coaches can connect similar to LinkedIn.
  • Connecting allows for game management, development and interaction.

Messages and notes

  • Players can receive game development and mangement messages from their coaches.
  • When receiving a message, players will be alerted via an email notification and link through to the content.

Game surveys

  • For the keen cricketer, game surveys can be taken to review performances.
  • The results are viewable in graph form trends.

Skill measurement

  • Players can rate and rank their skill items.
  • Connected coaches view these ratings and can rate the player's skills to provide feedback.

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